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Sandra Radoff

Sandra Radoff, the President and founder of S. Radoff Associates LLC, has a market research career spanning more than 30 years.  Her experience includes senior positions at Fortune 100 companies in financial services, publishing, telecommunications, and advertising.  In addition, she has spent over 15 years working for several premier suppliers of market research services as a senior account executive.


Sandra has experience working in virtually every type of product category, from high technology to consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals. Over a period of five years, she worked in advertising as Director of Marketing Sciences at BBDO New York and as a supplier of research to Young and Rubicam. In addition, Sandra spent over a decade working in financial services holding senior research positions at Merrill Lynch, American Express, and the New York Stock Exchange.


Over the past ten years, Sandra Radoff has gathered considerable experience working in the not-for-profit sector supporting the needs of organizations such as The Ad Council, the Humane Society, Georgetown University, the Office of Homeland Security, PBS, and The Wallace Foundation.  This has provided valuable experience in applying a solid background of marketing research to the not-for-profit sector.


Sandra’s background in applied mathematics and statistics enables her to bring substantial quantitative analytic experience to the research she designs and analyzes.  This results in a high degree of insight achieved in a concise and understandable manner.  Her experience includes conducting both quantitative and qualitative research.  This breadth of experience insures that the right design is coupled with the right business issue and that the analysis will be as rich as possible.


Sandra is currently an active member of the Ad Council Research Committee and a member of the Market Research Council. Over the years she has been active in the AMA and the ARF, including speaking engagements at major conferences. Her education includes a Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from the State University of New York.


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